Flights in Greece for €2!

Flights in Greece for €2 vAre you planning to visit Greece next year? It is time to buy your tickets in advance! Aegean Airlines offers very cheap tickets for its domestic routes e.g. from Athen to Crete, Santorini and Thessaloniki for only €2 per way.

Travel period: January – April 2015

How to book: Firstly, you have to search on
Flights in Greece for €2 v

Then, you will be redirected to where you are able to book this flight.

Thessaloniki – Athen
Flights in Greece for €2
Heraklion – Athen
Flights in Greece for €2 v

Note: you need to book with Maestro credit card to get this price.


Fly to the Paradise! Fiji from Europe €763!

Fly to the Paradise Fiji from Europe €763Being tired of Europe and America? If you are searching a trip for honeymoon or just want to visit an exotic destination this is right time to book. Etihad Airways in cooperation with Virgin Australia offers really great prices to its luxury destinations. Now you can book a return flight ticket from Dublin to Fiji for only €763! Usually this trip costs around €1300.

Routing: Dublin – Abu Dhabi – Sydney – Nadi

30 hr 50 min and 21 175 km in one way!

To imagine this journey here is a map:
Fly to the Paradise Fiji from Europe €763


  • 10 – 25 May 2015
  • 13 -28 May 2015

For booking please visit

Fly to the Paradise Fiji from Europe €763

You can easily get to Dublin with Ryanair for cheap. However, the schedule for next May has not announced yet.

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Chicago-Dubai-Kuwait €221 – return!

Chicago-Dubai-Kuwait €221 - returnThis post is for US based travellers! Emirates, one of the best airline in the World has some amazing fares from its North American destinations to Kuwait City, Kuwait. The cheapest combination is originating from Chicago to Kuwait via Dubai and back to Chicago for only €221! You can have a long layover in Dubai if you would like to spend some time in Dubai. This trip is also works as a weekend getaway: flying out on Friday evening and arrive back to Chicago on Sunday afternoon!


  • 11 – 14/09
  • 12 – 14/09
  • 18 – 21/09
  • 19 – 21/09
  • 25 – 28/09
  • 26 -28/09

Bookable on
Chicago-Dubai-Kuwait €221 - return

You can also depart from New York, Dallas or Houston for a slightly higher price.