Brussels Charleroi (CRL)

Ground Transportation:

  • To Brussels: Flibco operates a nonstop shuttle service between Charleroi Airport and Brussels Midi railway station. The prices are starting from €5 per way. I strongly recommend you to book it in advance because at the driver it costs €14. The travel time is approximately 40 minutes.
  • To Charleroi: There is a public transportation bus from the Airport to Charleroi railway station Nr. „A”. Departs in every hour from the Airport and the journey takes 17 minutes. It costs €5 per way (flat rate).
  • To other cities: Flibco also has a nonstop service to Brugge, Gent, Lille and Luxembourg.

WiFi: There is no free Wifi available at Charleroi Airport. If you need internet connection you have to use a kiosk which is located in the arrivals hall.
Sleeping in the Airport: Only a very few chairs with armrest are in the hall near the entrance so it is very busy, noisy and cold. If you plan to sleep in Charleroi Airport I advise you to bring a sleeping bag with you and sleep ont he floor near the Arrivals hall.
Other: In the departures hall you can find a lot of Ryanair self check-in kiosks. This Airport is the third busisest base of Ryanair after London Stansted and Dublin.


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