London Luton (LTN)

Ground Transportation:

  • Easybus operates a nonstop shuttle bus service from Luton Airport to Baker Street stop in London city center. If you book your bus ticket in advance it costs only 2.99 GBP per way. This is the cheapest way to get to the city center. Buses are running 24 hours very often. The travel time is approximately 60 minutes but it depens on the traffic.
  • Train: From Luton railway station you can catch a train of National Rail to London St Pancras International Station. For seaching: LUA is the code for Luton Airport and LTN is the code for Luton railway station. Between them you have to take bus which is included in the train ticket. The price of the ticket depends on the travel period which can be peak or off-peak. Off-peak ticket costs £10.50 and the Peak ticket is £15.50. Travel time is 35 minutes from Luton station to St Pancras.

WiFi: Unfortunately there is no free wireless internet at the airport but Greenline buses have WiFi on board so if you go out to the bus stop and stand near one Greenline bus you can connect and surf on the internet. However you can find some internet kiosk in the terminal building. Those computers costs 1 GBP per 10 minutes.
Sleeping in the Airport: Only a very few chairs with armrest are in the Terminal, so it is not so easy to find an available seat after 11 pm. The Terminal building can be very cold during the night especially in winter. If you plan to sleep in Luton Airport I advise you to bring a sleeping bag with you and sleep on the floor.
Other: London Luton Airport is the main hub for the Hungarian low cost airline, Wizzair. The cheapest foods can be found in the Marks&Spencer shop before the security check-in. It always offers good sandwiches with reduced price.
Parking: Luton Airport parking available from £3.19 per day. For booking please click here.


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