New York+Miami from Europe €287!

New York+Miami from Europe €287Great American adventure ahead! If you do not mind multi city flights, now you can visit New York, Washington and Miami together in one trip departing from Europe for €287 – round trip! British Airways has still have low fares to North America. The cheapest combination if you start your journey from Oslo and fly back to Dusseldorf.

UPDATE: It seems that this price for November is sold out. But you can book this trip for the same price from January to March 2015.
30 Jan – 10 Feb,
30 Jan – 17 Feb,
3 – 18 Feb,
10 – 24 Feb

UPDATE 2: On you can still get this price for November. For example: 4 – 13 November. Just click on the image below to check the price:
New York+Miami from Europe €287
You can still book a Megabus ticket from New York to Washington for only $1! 8th November.
New York+Miami from Europe €287
If you search an additional flight from Washington to Fort Lauderdale on it is only €37! 9th November. 
New York+Miami from Europe €287

Original post:

Dates: 13-25 November

Firstly, you have to search a ‘multi city’ flight on

  • 1st flight: Oslo-New York (Nov 13)
  • 2nd flight: Miami-Dusseldorf (Nov 25)

New York+Miami from Europe €287

The price for this flight is €235. Operated by British Airways and have a stopover in London.

After this you need to search a connection from New York to Miami. The North American low cost bus company Megabus is a good solution for traveling on a budget. Just search a bus from New York to Washington and you will get a lot of connections for only $1.
Date: November 17.

New York+Miami from Europe €287

Finally, you need a flight from Washington to Fort Lauderdale. This flight costs €54. Just click on the image below to search for it.
Date: November 18.
New York+Miami from Europe €287Fort Lauerdale International Airport is only 28 miles far from Miami Beach. Tri Rail operates a scheduled rail service from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami. One way ticket costs only $3.75 and the travel time is 35 minutes. The trains run from 4 am until 10 pm. To check the detailed timetable click here.

If you are not from Scandinavia you need to book some additional flight to get to Oslo. From Warsaw Wizzair operates a direct flight to Oslo for only €8! Bookable on
Date: November 12.
New York+Miami from Europe €287
You can easily get to Warsaw from Budapest for only €4!
New York+Miami from Europe €287

For your information: since you are about to book a restricted fare on your Trans Atlantic flight you must use the first flight from Oslo to London. If you miss one flight, the rest of the ticket will be canceled. But on the return you can simply skip the last leg if you do not want to return to Dusseldorf or just want to spend some days in London.
In this case you can fly back from London to Budapest with Ryanair for €19. Date: November 26.

New York+Miami from Europe €287Miami Beach is full of great and cheap hostels. You can book one of them on for only €11.49 per person per night with breakfast!
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