Budapest – Monaco €55 – return!

Budapest - Monaco €55 - returnHave you ever dreamed about gambling in Casino Monte Carlo and walking around the Formula-1 race track? Now it is time to let your dreams come true! TripHunter’s team have just found an incredible trip to Monaco from Budapest for only €55, round trip.
The price includes the flight ticket to Milan, transfer to Milan city center and train tickets to Monaco.

Dates: Oct. 02 – 06

Firstly you have to book the return flight ticket from Budapest to Milan on It is €22.
Budapest - Monaco €55 - return
You need a return transfer from Milan Bergamo Airport to Milan Centrale railway station. It is €9. Bookable on
Budapest - Monaco €55 - returnThe train journey from Milan to Monaco has 2 sections.

  • 1st  Milan – Ventimiglia
  • 2nd Ventimiglia – Monaco

The train from Milan to Ventimiglia is operated by the Italian National Railways and it costs €9 per way. Bookable on Departs in the morning on 3rd of October.

Budapest - Monaco €55 - returnReturn back in the evening on 5th of October.
Budapest - Monaco €55 - return
Finally, the last section is from Ventimiglia (Vintimille in french) to Monaco by the French National Railway. It is €4.30 each way. For booking please visit the website of SNCF. These trains are running in every hour.
Budapest - Monaco €55 - return


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