Flights to China from Europe for £268!

Prague to Shanghai and Beijing for only €244 - round trip Have you ever travelled with the world’s largest passenger airliner? If not, here is your chance. Now you can book a trip to China for £268 and you can try the Airbus A380 two times in a row!

Departing from Geneva to Beijing or Shanghai and back to Dusseldorf. There is a stopover in Dubai on both ways. All flights are operated by the Emirates which is one of the best airline in the World.

Dubai-Beijing and Beijing-Dubai sectors are with the Airbus A380. Thanks to the Google Map, now you can virtually walk on the board of A380 if you click here.

Travel period: from October 2014 to February 2015.

For booking the ticket please visit

Sample bookings:
Flights to China from Europe for £268!Flights to China from Europe for £268!


  • 28/10 – 5/11
  • 4 – 11/11
  • 12 – 19/11
  • 18 – 25/11
  • 25/11 – 5/12
  • 2 – 10/12
  • 7 – 15/01
  • 14 – 21/01

From Shanghai Airport to the City center you can travel with the Maglev Train which is the World’s fastest train in regular commercial service with its 431km/h operational speed.

To get to Geneva on a budget I advise you to search a low cost EasyJet flight near from your location.

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