Wizzair/Ryanair one-way flights within Europe from 3€!

wizzair ryanair flights within europe from 3€

Thanks to Easyvoyage – a French travel site – you can book extremly cheap flight tickets within Europe. If you have an American Express card, the cost of a Frankfurt-Budapest trip is 3€ each way – all taxes included! It works from Dortmund too. Travel period: in January 2015.
Frankfurt- Skopje is also available for 3€, travel on 16th of September.
Other routes and dates:

  • –  08/07: Budapest-Bruxelles: 5€,
  • –  02/07: München-Barcelona: 7€,
  • –  08/06: Berlin-Oslo: 7€,
  • –  13/06: Budapest-Milan: 8€,
  • –  11/06: Warsaw-Stockholm: 8€

maybe more…

wizzair flights from 5

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